How are my links tracked?
All Affiliate Links contain your unique Affiliate ID. When a visitor clicks on an Affiliate Link, the Affiliate ID gets stored in a tracking cookie on their browser. This cookie lasts 365 days (1 year). So, when your visitor generates a Lead, we use the Affiliate ID in the tracking cookie to determine that this Lead came from your Affiliate Link and your account is credited with commission for that Lead.

Please use the text link generator and search box creator in the affiliate portal to ensure all your links are correctly formatted and tracked. You can always check with our affiliate support to make sure your affiliate links are correct.

How often are my earnings and reports updated?
All your traffic stats (visits/leads) and earnings are reported in real time in the affiliate portal.

What reporting is available?
Affiliates have access to the Performance Report and the Payment Report in their affiliate portal. The Performance Report provides information about visitors, leads and commission earned in your account. The Payment Report provides details of all payments made. There are also advanced reporting options available (on request) to help you optimize performance.