How much can I earn?
Most affiliates earn between USD $0.50 and $2.00 per lead. The exact value of each lead depends on the ability of your users to generate revenue for our suppliers. So the higher the quality of your visitors, the more commissions you earn per lead.
Each visitor can generate multiple leads from a single visit. Visitors are also trackedfor up to 365 days, so affiliates can continue earning commissions from repeat visits.

Will I get paid for visitors or bookings?
You get paid per leads, not visitors or bookings. A lead is a click off to one of the hotel booking supplier websites that we compare. Your commission per lead depends on a number of important factors, but primarily the quality of your traffic and the conversions of your users to bookings.

When and how do I get paid?
At the start of every month, your commission balance for the previous month is confirmed; payment is processed at the end of that month. Example – commission earned in July is confirmed on August 1 and paid at the end of August (usually in the last week).
Please note – a minimum amount of commission (threshold) must be reached before a payment can be processed. Minimum thresholds apply for each payment type ($500 for bank wire; $100 for PayPal), and any unpaid balance rolls over into the following month. All payments are made in US Dollars (USD).