There are Many Ways to make money from this travel affiliate website. You will earn huge money with two affiliate programs on pay per lead basis.Let me explain earning potential in the detail.

Buyer visits the website for booking of hotels, flights & rental cars.They enter destinations & dates in search criteria of hotel search screen. System displays suitable hotels for given destination with huge database.

Visitor clicks on particular hotel to know more like deals & discounts & you earn the commission for every click between $.50 to $4. How much you make is purely dependent on how much targeted traffic you drive to your website.

The Click Through Rate (CTR) for this website could go as high as 15%, that means that for every 100 visitors who access your site, 15 of them will click on at least one suggested hotel to learn more about it.

Let’s assume that you’re driving 100 visitors to your website per day (which is extremely easy to achieve) and you make an average of $2 per click, you are making at least $900.00 ($2 per click x 15 clicks a day x 30 days) a month.

If visitor clicks on multiple hotel sites, then you will earn for all clicks. It means that you will earn for multiple clicks in single visit. Let us say that visitor clicked on 20 hotel sites & average click rate is $2 per lead, then you will earn $40 from single visitor only.

Imagine when you are driving 1,000 daily visitors to your website. Earning potential is unlimited once you get more visitors.

In general,Hotel sites pay between $.50 to $4 per lead while flight sites pay $.08 per lead.

Affiliate tracking cookies are valid for 365 days.So, you will make money for 365 days from same visitor.

That’s a great business module and the most important part of this business, no matter if the visitor pays or books the hotel, but you are paid for the visit!


Hotels Combined is a hotel affiliate. This website uses Hotels Combined for it’s hotel search and hotel listings. Each listing will have your affiliate id embedded in the links. The hotel listings are self updating – no maintenance required.

Affiliates earn commission on a “per-lead” basis. A Lead is generated when a visitor clicks through to the website of one of our compared hotel booking suppliers. One of the important factors which determine how much you get paid per lead is the rate at which your leads become bookings. Most affiliates earn between USD $0.50 and $2.00 per lead. The exact value of each lead depends on the ability of your users to generate revenue for our suppliers. So the higher the quality of your visitors, the more you earn per lead.

An example of potential income from Hotels Combined:

Per Lead Leads Per Day Monthly Income
$0.50 20 $300.00
$2.00 20 $1200.00
$2.00 40 $2400.00


This website comes with a 100% fully automated flight search feature. JetRadar is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world helping thousands of people to compare airline prices, track down carriers’ special offers, and book the cheapest tickets available. The fastest travel search engine on the web helps users to find flights to all destinations from all major airlines.
When you become a Jetradar Affiliate, every time you refer your site visitors to them, you can earn a commission when they book an airplane ticket.

They share 60% to 70% of their earnings generated by your traffic. Affiliate commission depends on the monthly total JetRadar revenue generated from your traffic:

Monthly JetRadar revenue % commission
Less than 3500$ 60%
More than 3500$ 70%

All Affiliates have access to the Performance Report and the Payment Report in their affiliate portal. The Performance Report provides information about searches, clicks, bookings and commission earned.


An affiliate partnership for cruises is promising because cruises are becoming increasingly popular. As a CruiseDirect affiliate, you get 3% commission on the gross sale – one of the highest commissions in the industry! 45 day cookie – you’ll get credit for bookings up to 1 1/2 month after a customer visits!

The Company claims the average value of a cruise booking on their site is $1,800, which if accurate, suggests travel affiliates can earn an average of $90 for each booking.


This website is Adsense ready. Adsense ad spaces have been strategically placed for optimum click through. You can add more Adsense ads if you choose. Adsense pays anywhere from just a few cents to $50 per click or more, depending on the popularity of the website and niche.

An example of potential income from Adsense:

Paid Per Click Clicks Per Day Monthly Income
$0.50 50 $750.00
$1.00 50 $1500.00
$2.00 50 $3000.00


This website comes with a 100% fully automated online store. With an Amazon online store you can run your very own fully functional shop without dealing with stock, payments, customer service. You have no inventory to buy or stock to dispatch, as the checkout button on the store directs the customer to Amazon’s checkout. Amazon will handle the sale, payment, delivery and customers service.

Each product will have your Amazon Associate ID embedded in the links. This allows Amazon to track visits and sales generated from the store. When visitors follow your links, and proceeds to make a purchase, you will be paid a share of their profit – which is between 4% and8.5%.

This store is set up to run on autopilot. It will automatically update product information.

An example of potential income from Amazon:

Product Commission Sold Per Day Monthly Income
$5.00 5 $750.00
$5.00 10 $1500.00
$9.00 10 $2700.00


Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of In-Text advertising that enables website owners to benefit from premium In-Text ads.

Infolinks scans your website pages for keywords. These keywords are double-underlined and automatically linked in real-time to relevant advertisements that match reader interests. Each time your website visitors click on an Infolinks In Text ad, you get paid. The more clicks your In Text ads receive, the more revenue you earn.


Sponsored content is sold at $350,00 per 1200 word article. Leads are generated by actively reaching out or by converting incoming business requests. Writing of the sponsored articles can be easily outsourced for $50. Selling one ponsored article per month thus generates $300.


You will receive regular requests from marketers and other companies to implement a permanent to their product into one of the articles. While this is a hassle-free way to generate income, I strongly advise to add contexctual, meaningful links only and to make them no-follow without any exception.


The travel market is uniquely lucrative, an 8 trillion dollar a year industry, millions of people travel each and every day, which means that these travelers will be looking for a place to stay, or a flight to and from their destination, and of course a car to get around everyday, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your share in the huge market!

Potential customers and visitors land on your travel business website, looking to book a hotel, flight or car rentals. These visitors are already potential money makers for you, this is the only work required from yourself, getting visitors to the website.

Travel affiliate website intended to gives visitors high quality information on Travel. The Visitors can also booking Hotel, Flights, and Rental Cars with more than 800 rental agents at 30,000 locations in 174 countries in database + Hotel and flights database around the world. Affiliate network also have more than 5 million hotel deals from thousands of travel site. Everything on the site is complete and all you need to do is add or change your adsense code/ID. Of course, we’ll assist you with it if you need help.

Income potential with this website is about $1 – $4 per visitor. This means with as little as 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 – $400 per day. There is no limit to the amount you can make per visitor as the affiliate company will pay you per lead. For example, if one visitor clicks on 15 hotel suppliers, you could easily make $15 from that single user. This website has multiple sources of revenue including travel affiliate networks, Adsense, or affiliate. No need maintenance, just need focus on marketing strategy.